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Time flies, the sun an

Modely lietadiel a všetko spojene s lietaním,ovládaním ...
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Time flies, the sun an

Poslaťod ylq » Pia 11. Jan 2019 8:07:28

Time flies, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle, and the primary school is about to graduate. Although I have only been with you for a short period of time, you have become a role model in my heart, and I feel that I am leaving you. I can��t help but feel, can you remember? On the first day of my transfer, you asked me to introduce myself personally, and I told you to be a good student with good academic performance. At that time, how happy I am!ss, you often tell us stories of ancient mathematicians to inspire us to study hard: you also taught us how to learn Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping, so that we can learn better. On the playground, you seem to have changed someone, run with us and play together. After school, you send us one by one, and then one by one...her, do you remember? In a physical education class, when I was doing eye exercises, I saw that the physical education teacher did not come. I took the opportunity to play with the classmates in front of me. The more trouble I had, the more the sports committee members came, and it was not in the eyes. The physical education teacher came, and the two of us immediately stood back to the team Newport Red 100 Online, as if nothing happened, and the physical education teacher did not notice anything. After class, when I climbed to the third floor panting, you called me into the office. I know that you value behavior habits the most Carton Sale On Newports, so I can't help but be afraid of it. I really regret every move in the physical education class. When I came to my desk Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj, you looked at me with a slightly reproachful gaze, and said in a gentle tone: "In fact, you are a good student, that is, you are a little wrong in behavior. Why can't you change it?" A few short sentences, but in my mind a deep imprint.more thing, can you remember? At that time, on a sunny morning, I was carrying my schoolbag to school. Because I got up early, there were very few people on the road. I felt very lonely and learned the "double off Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes." I first stabilized the car, and carefully left the handlebars. When I was motivated, suddenly the car touched a small stone and slammed it, and even the car fell with people. I was strong. I climbed up and thought of the famous saying "I can't see the wind and rain, how can I see the rainbow". I learned it again. Unconsciously, I came to the school gate. No one thought that it was your duty. When I saw that I was "playing tricks" in the car, I learned a lesson and made me realize the seriousness. Teacher Zhang, we are going to leave our alma mater, but your kind smile and strong figure will always stay in my heart.

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