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Provexum UK There are many ways to arouse desire, and those that act on a loved one should be well known to you. Dare! There is a direct link between foods that people eat and sexual activity. If you include in your menu dishes that contribute to the emergence of erotic fantasies, your intimate life will become brighter and richer. The process of cooking and the clothes in which you do this can also push your partner to interesting thoughts. India is the originator of the sexual cuisine. The cooks of this ancient country were the first to notice that some products cause a peculiar smell of sexual secrets, which excites the partner. They did not advise to eat a lot of fried, such heavy food will negatively affect your love mood. Fresh, natural products with minimal heat treatment are beneficial for your gastrointestinal tract and for intimate life. You can borrow some ideas from the Chinese cuisine, they practice an interesting exterior design of dishes. Sexual fantasy will help to wake up products laid out in the form of genitals. Imagine that you are having dinner with your partner, he has a dish with female breasts, you have a nice “penis”! Such a meal can not help to enhance mutual attraction. In ancient Russia, too, there were many traditions in the kitchen that controlled the erotic fantasy. Second courses then did not roast, but tormented in the oven, which allowed a person to get enough of himself without harm to his sexual activity. Merchants brought spices that quickly became popular (cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger). Russian people ate a lot of plant foods rich in trace elements and vitamins, which is perfectly reflected in the potency. Individual products have a huge impact on sexuality. For example, various eggs (chicken, quail, goose), milk, game (quail, hazel grouse), mussels, caviar, oysters. If you constantly use them in cooking, you will not experience any special difficulties with the restoration of potency and libido. If the body does not lack vitamin A and E, it produces enough sex hormones. Eat animal fats , eggs, cod liver, carrots. The process of sexual arousal is impossible without the B vitamins. There are many of them in legumes and cereals, dairy products, potatoes, meat, fish.

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